UW-Madison Leadership Competencies Activity

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About the UW-Madison Leadership Competencies Activity

This resource has been developed as a tool for personalized leadership assessment. The interactive assessment is aligned with the 7 Leadership Competencies within UW-Madison's Leadership Framework that promotes leadership for the purpose of positive change.

This tool has expanded on the standard Johari Window model developed by American psychologists Joseph Luft and Harry Ingham in the 1950's, calling it "Johari" after combining their first names, Joe and Harry.

Participants will be able to reflect on their leadership capacity, review areas of high competency, and learn of opportunities for further exploration.

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UW-Madison Leadership Competency Self-Assessment code has been developed in partnership with the UW-Madison Center for Leadership & Involvement by UW-Madison Office of Human Resources with programming support from Joe Gilliland-Lloyd (http://www.joegl.com)";